Dr. Roxanne Hughes-Wheatland

Dr. Roxanne Hughes-Wheatland received an undergraduate degree from Manhattanville College, a Master's degree in psychology with a concentration in developmental psychobiology from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, a Ph.D. in neuropsychology from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, and a Master's degree in international development from Gallaudet University. Dr. Hughes-Wheatland has also received certification from the Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists (ACBIS). She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics and has worked in inpatient and outpatient settings for over 20 years.  Her clinical and research interests are brain injury, neurorehabilitation, deaf and hard of hearing children and adults, evaluation of individuals with low vision, and developmental disabilities in an international context.

List of Publications and Recent Presentations

  • Reesman, J.H., Day, L.A., Szymanski, C.A., Hughes-Wheatland, R., Witkins, G.A., Kalback, S., Brice, P.J. (2014). Review of intellectual assessment measures for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Rehabilitation Psychology, 59, 99-106.
  • Wachtel, L.E., Dhossche, D.M., Reti, I.M., Hughes-Wheatland, R. (2012). Stability of intellectual functioning during maintenance electroconvulsive therapy. Pediatric Neurology, 47, 219-221. 
  • Reesman, J., Day, L., Hughes-Wheatland, R. Family Friendly Guide to Neuropsychological and Psychological Assessments (Part II): After the Assessment is Completed. The 22nd Biennial ASDC Conference (June 22-26, 2011)
  • Maryland Psychological Association Annual Convention (October 26, 2007). Your Child is Disabled: Delivering the News and Helping Parents Cope with Their New and Ongoing Reality. 
  • Hughes-Wheatland, R. (2000). Evaluation of Children with motor and sensory impairments. The Maryland Psychologist, 45, 18-21.